On Monday, July 20, 2020, University of Tsukuba “Nippon Foundation Central Asia and Japan Human Resource development project”(NipCA project) invited Prof. Yasuhiko Tosaku of University of California, San Diego as a lecturer to hold a “first special online lecture for freshman of University of Tsukuba” at the Zoom meeting.

This lecture was co-provided by Global Commons, Center for Education of Global Communication, Top Global University Project Office with the cooperation of Department of Student Affairs and Office of Global Initiatives. 155 participants attended the lectures from their homes or the campus with corona countermeasures.

In the lecture titled “Developing human resources to work beyond the borders of the global era – to live strong at post-Corona era”, Prof. Tosaku emphasized the importance of a lifelong learning with curiosity, to connect with people and the flexibility of never giving up, as globalization progresses and the convergence of Corona is still unseen. Especially, since the new knowledge is going to become obsolete at an accelerated pace, it is necessary to continually learn after graduation of the university, and to improve self-management ability, communication ability, cooperation power, empathy, and introspection power, challenging risks without fear; those autonomous activities were referred to as the future-oriented way of life and work, brush up future-proof ability to adapt to a turbulent future, blossom multipotentialite ability, and create an unexpected positive result (serendipity).

In the Q & A session, the questions from students, especially the freshmen were non-stop, so it exceeded by one hour of the scheduled time; however, Prof. Tosaku answered the questions of each student with enthusiasm to the end. The lecture time was 2 hours and 15 minutes, and this was unprecedented.
Since the time difference is 16 hours with Japan and San Diego, US, we deeply appreciate and thank once again to Prof. Yasuhiko Tosaku, who gave a lecture for students, faculty and staff of the University of Tsukuba, despite the local hour’s midnight.
This lecture also provided opportunities not only for students but also for faculty and staff to participate in the FY 2020 SD Seminar, and it was the first live lecture from overseas as a SD training program.