Subject: Industry 4.0, University 4.0, Faculty 4.0, Students 4.0: University education to raise a leader in the upheaval society in the fourth industrial revolution
Lecturer: Prof. Tosaku Yasuhiko (University of California, San Diego Professor)
Date: Friday, February 7, 2020
Location: University of Tsukuba Central Library Central Conference Room

On February 7, 2020, Friday, Prof. Tosaku Yasuhiko, who is a professor of the University of California, San Diego, gave a lecture titled “Industry 4.0, University 4.0, Faculty 4.0, Students 4.0: University Education to Raise a Leader in the Upheaval Society in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. In this lecture, we learned what we need to live in Japan and the world in the coming ages. In the former part, he talked how the world would change, and in the latter part, he talked the problems of current Japanese education and how to improve them. We found that Prof. Tosaku, teaching in the United States, was a very person who had a perspective to objectively observe the problems of the education in Japan from the outside.

In the world that is said that many of the jobs would be replaced by machines in a few decades, he taught about that we need to grow Emotional IQ and ten abilities called VUCA world to survive in this unexpectable world. It was a lecture that raised an alarm about the future of Japan that faced the necessities to raise the developing part such as recognizing creativity and diversity with education.