Berkinov Jakhongir  

Hokkaido University is considered the largest university in Japan. No wonder it has a museum on its territory – the Hokkaido University Museum. The Museum has celebrated its 24th anniversary this year having in its collection around 4 million specimens and materials, and other precious exhibits that have been collected for more than 130 years since the early days of Hokkaido University.  

The collection of the Museum is quite large and diverse. One can definitely find an item of their interest there. Starting from the history of Hokkaido island and the University, a great exhibition of research conducted at the University, a massive collection of skeletons of different creatures, including a huge skeleton of a Holstein bull and a life-sized mock-up of a woolly mammoth, ending with moderns items of cosmos exploration and art exhibitions. 

Surprisingly, they even had a corner devoted to Uzbekistan, displaying traditional clothes, national utensils, musical instruments, etc. This corner made me and my fellow groupmates from Uzbekistan feel at home and brought pleasant memories. 

Additionally, the Museum has interactive exhibits, where visitors can ‘physically’ engage with the collection, which attracts not only young visitors but also grow-ups.  

In conclusion, the Hokkaido University Museum is one of the ‘must-visit’ places in Sapporo. Especially, if you want to know a little bit more about the Island and the University.