Newsletter vol.6(Published August 2022)
Newsletter vol.5(2021年10月発行)
Project Report 2020
The 11th Public Lecture Series: The Future of Central Eurasia and Japan (English version)
The 14th Public Lecture “SDGs Future City Tsukuba’s Efforts – A City Where the World’s Tomorrow Can Be Seen” Mr. Mori Yusuke
Report on the “University of Tsukuba Study Abroad Fair -Imagine the Future Study Abroad!- FY 2019 Study Abroad Report by the Dispatched Students (Russia & NIS Countries)”
The 13th Public Lecture “Human Resource Development in Asia ― the System for Accepting Foreign Caregivers in Japan” Dr. Kage Rie
The 12th Public Lecture “Balalaika – The Musical Instrument of Russia as a cultural identity” Mr. Maxim Klykov
The 11th Public Lecture “The Project for Protecting Mongolian Kids from Burn Accidents by Improving Their Living Conditions” Dr. Ichikawa Masao
The 1st Special Consecutive Public Lectures for Freshmen “Developing Human Resources to Work Beyond the Borders of the Global Age: To Live a Strong at Post-Corona Era” Prof. Tosaku Yasuhiko
The 8th Public Lecture “Industry 4.0, University 4.0, Faculty 4.0, Students 4.0 ̶– University education that will lead a society that will change sharply during the Fourth Industrial Revolution” Dr. Tosaku Yasuhiko
Newsletter vol.4 (Published Jan. 2021)