NipCA Project Newsletter “Central Asia and Japan” Vol. 6 was published. Please download the PDF from the link below.




p.02 Greetings from Dr. Kato Mitsuyasu, Vice-President (Education) and Executive Director

p.04 Greetings from Dr. Wada Hiroshi, Vice President and Executive Director for Research

p.06 2021 NipCA Fellows (The 3rd Cohort)

p.09 Special consecutive public lectures for freshmen in 2021

p.10 Lecture Series “The Future of Central Eurasia and Japan” …

p.23 Special Lecture and Discussion “The Road to Digital Transformation to Change Society”
Special Lecture and Discussion “The Road to DigitalTransformation to Change Society”

p.29 Special Lecture and Discussion “Central Eurasian Studies in East Asia and Beyond”

p.41 Online Screening of Russian and Central Asian Films

p.43 Pre-symposium of 71st National Convention of the Japan Association for the Study of Russian Language and Literature entitled “Fading Memories and Connections: Literature and Society during fifty Years since the Collapse of the Soviet Union”