(3) Mavlonova Maftuna, NipCA SPJES Fellow 2021 (Third Term Fellow), “Female engagement in STEM in Uzbekistan” 

Mavlonova Maftuna presented her research on “Female engagement in STEM in Uzbekistan”.  The study concentrated on the causes of the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields and strategies to increase their engagement. 

The study uses data from interviews with women working in STEM fields as a target group. According to the presenter, different remarks and inquiries made in response to the report helped to deepen her knowledge of the topic and gave her a great chance to network with other students who shared her interest in this particular topic. 

The participants received a variety of questions, comments, and suggestions with new viewpoints and opinions during the Q&A session following the presentations. At this very dynamic and productive forum, the speakers’ passion for giving back to the academic communities in Uzbekistan and Japan could be clearly seen. We believe the attendees also had an excellent chance to broaden their perspectives by being part of the forum.