On Sunday, September 3 – Sunday, September 10, 2023, NipCA Project researcher Dr. Nafissa Insebayeva participated in the Institute of Civic Studies and Learning for Democracy (ICSLD) at James Madison University (USA) in September 2023. The ICSLD was organized by a team from University of Augsburg, Germany, North Carolina State University, and the Madison Center for Civic Engagement at James Madison University, with support from Tufts University and University of Maryland.

The ICSLD brought together an inspiring array of individuals from diverse backgrounds and fields of study, united by a common passion for civic engagement, democracy, and education. Over the course of eight intensive days, participants engaged in meaningful discussions and collaborative endeavors aimed at addressing crucial issues related to the development of civic society, the role of institutions, and the importance of citizen engagement. The Institute provided a platform for brainstorming, sharing best practices, and developing cutting-edge approaches to equipping citizens with the knowledge and skills they need to actively engage in the civic life of their communities.

Dr. Insebayeva’s specialization in international development played an important role in expanding the dialogue at the Institute. Her unique perspective brought a global dimension to the discussions, shedding light on the intricate power dynamics and the interconnected nature of democratic efforts across borders. Dr. Insebayeva’s contributions emphasized the importance of a holistic approach to civic engagement and the necessity of addressing the complexities of international relations in our quest for a more democratic and just world.