The summer language training in St. Petersburg, Russia, will be held again this year, so we are looking for students to participate.

▶ Training period: September 4, 2019- September 28, 2019 (Tentative. There is a possibility of a slight change)

▶Training location: St. Petersburg, Russia (St. Petersburg National University)

▶Training content: Russian language training, intercultural understanding training, etc.

▶Capacity: 6 people

▶Credits: “Overseas Language Intensive Course A: Russian” 3 credits

▶ Training fee: credits training fee from 250,000 yen to 350,000 yen (price varies depending on ticket price, exchange rate, etc.)

▶Expenses support: Support for travel expenses of up to 100,000 yen for all participants (“Habatake! University of Tsukuba Student” Support Project)

How to apply:

Download 1. the application form and 2. pledge form from the URL below, fill in the necessary information, and put them into the report submission box installed near the entrance to the Academic Service Office for the Humanities and Social Sciences Area (3rd floor of Building 1A).

*Application limited to University of Tsukuba regular undergraduate and graduate students. (No credits granted for graduate students)

Application for Summer Training in Petersburg, 2019

Pledge form CEGLOC_ Summer Training (St. Petersburg)

Deadline: Strict deadline for Friday, May 24


Faculty in charge: Kato Yuri (Professor, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences) (change # to @)

Re-Inventing Japan Project (Russia) Office

Cooperative Research Building A203

Phone: +81-29-853-4251