On October 30, 2020, the University of Tsukuba held an online seminar titled “Culture and Identity in Central Asia”. The seminar was organized by a team of researchers at the Nippon Foundation Central Asia – Japan Human Resources Development Project. The seminar was moderated by Associate Professor Yamamoto Yukiko.

Dr. Kajiyama Yuji, NipCA project manager, delivered a presentation devoted to the modern cinematography of Kyrgyzstan. Participants of the seminar were able to learn about the history of the Kyrgyz cinema, famous and outstanding Kyrgyz filmmakers, as well as modern trends in Kyrgyz cinema. In his speech, Dr. Kajiyama paid special attention to nomadic culture, Islamic traditions and animism. Dr. Insebayeva Sabina prepared a report on contemporary Kazakh music and its role in building Kazakh national identity. Special attention in the presentation was paid to a new direction in the Kazakh music – Q-pop, and new youth movements in Kazakhstan. The report of Dr. Gulomaliev Shirali was dedicated to one of the Iranian peoples – Wakhi people. Dr. Gulomaliev’s presentation was met with genuine interest from the audience. In particular, the participants had a chance to learn about “northern” and “southern” Pamir languages, and the history of Wakhi language in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.