NipCA project coordinator Dr.Yuji Kajiyama participated in the Colloque International 2023 symposium held at Kyoto University.

Held under the theme “On the Diversity of Bilingualism,” this international research gathering brought together many researchers from Japan and abroad, and featured several lectures, reports, symposiums, and workshops that took place on March 25-26, 2023. NipCA Project Coordinator Dr.Yuji Kajiyama participated in a symposium on “Issues of Translation and Cultural Mediation” and presented a report titled “Language and Culture in Ukraine after the Maidan Revolution”. The report focused on film and analyzed how national language policies have been implemented by the Ukrainian government to increase the use of the Ukrainian language since the Maidan Revolution of 2014. During the Q&A session, participants made many comments and asked many questions, indicating a high level of interest in the country’s cultural policy, which they do not have much opportunity to learn about even amidst the many news reports on the situation in Ukraine.

The conference was a valuable and enriching opportunity to learn about the diversity and pluralism of bilingualism from perspectives.