Kuanysh Uzbekov from Kazakhstan. I am a public policy enthusiast with a dream of becoming the president of my country in 2040. I have a strong academic background in international law from Maqsut Narikbayev University, as well as valuable work experience at British American Tobacco, the Astana International Financial Centre’s Court, Efes Anadolu Group, and Danone.

Through my work and education, I have developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing Kazakhstan. I am passionate about using my knowledge and skills to make a positive impact on my country and its people. In my spare time, I run a project called ShyraqMedia.qz, which provides policy education resources in the Kazakh language. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to understand and participate in the public policy processes.

I chose to study in Japan because the leaders of the Kazakh intellectuals and the Alash party in 1917-1920 were guided by the path of development of Japan and believed in the potential of the Kazakh people. I want to study the experience of Japan and serve for the good of my motherland.