NipCA Project Newsletter “Central Asia and Japan” Vol. 4 was published. Please download the PDF from the link below.





p.02 Greetings from Vice President for Education, Dr. Shimizu Satoshi

p.03 Greetings from Vice President, Executive Director and Director of University of Tsukuba Hospital, Dr. Hara Akira

p.04 Greetings from Mr. Arikawa Takashi, Director of the International Business Department, The Nippon Foundation

p.05 Greetings from Dr. Ohneda Osamu, Director of the Office of Global Initiatives, University of Tsukuba

p.06 Internships in Okinawa(7th-10th Nov. 2019)

p.25 A series of lectures “The Future of Central Asia and Japan” in 2019

p.33 Columns by Researchers