Ibragimova Aida

Japan is one of the tourist visiting countries in the world because of the variety of sightseeing places. In the summer season, people love to go to Okinawa to swim and relax in small islands with beautiful beaches and sunsets, while in the spring and fall time tourists visit Kyoto, Kanazawa and other places because of coloring nature in different colors. In the winter season, the majority of tourists prefer to visit the northern part of Japan – Hokkaido island. Hokkaido is famous with history, nature, delicious food and mostly with ski and hot spring (onsen) resorts.

One of the remarkable parts of our trip to Hokkaido was the tour to Niseko town. Generally, the local government pays big attention to help and support local people with their business. Most businesses are directed to producing agricultural goods and giving a tour across the enterprise for guests. Moreover, the majority of local companies offer an internship for foreign students. Thus, the local government develop local production and attracting more tourists to the town.

During our trip to Niseko, we visited different firms that concentrated their production on milk, cheese, wine, tea products and the company engaged in waste management. The most interesting visit was to the local farm namely “Niseko Takahashi Dairy Farm”. The main specialization of the farm is producing milk and other related products with it. One of the interesting and amazing parts of the farm tour was a workshop. The aim of the workshop was to teach us how to make delicious ice cream at home.

Before the workshop, I always thought that making ice cream is a hardworking process that requires several special types of equipment, specific ingredients and a lot of time. However, after the workshop in the “Niseko Takahashi Dairy Farm”, I realized that the process is quite simple. In fact, everyone can make delicious ice cream with any type of flavor. Furthermore, making ice cream with family members or friends can bring a lot of fun and unforgettable memories.

Our workshop at the farm started with an explanation by one of the specialists about the necessary ingredients and appliances for making ice cream. Then, we were divided into two groups and started making ice cream under the strict supervision of our chef. The exercise was a kind of competition between two groups but in a friendly atmosphere, because the process brought us a lot of fun and everyone was so excited and happy to participate in the workshop. Our strawberry ice cream was soft and very tasty. However, this was not the end. At the end of the workshop, our chef gave us special cards that permitted us to take two kinds of flavor of ice cream from the ice cream shop for free.

If you also want to enjoy delicious ice cream and have fun with family and friends, look below the secret recipe for delicious ice cream.

Necessary appliances and ingredients are two metallic pans (large and medium), beater, ice cubes, salt, any type of your favorite fruit (it should be frozen) and the most important – fresh milk and heavy cream.

In the first stage place ice cubes around the perimeter of a large metal metallic pan and cover them with salt. In fact, as our instructor explained to us, the salt helps to maintain the temperature of the ice and reduce the process of its melting. Thus, at the second stage, put the medium pan into the large one and add a mixture of fresh milk with heavy cream and then add the frozen fruits and mix them with beater. As the temperature of ice is very cold the mixture will start freeze in several minutes therefore there will be needed at least two more additional people from your family members or friends. The role of the people is to prevent the mixture from quickly solidifying. To do this, they must move the two pans simultaneously to the right and left as fast as they can while you mix the mixture. After 10-15 minutes (depends on how you will beat) the mixture of milk, heavy cream and fruits will thicken. The ready mixture should look like thick sour cream. So, the homemade and tasty ice cream is ready. If you like melted ice cream, you can eat it immediately. In case you prefer the frozen one, you can use ice cream molds and freeze them in the fridge. In addition, the ice cream can be decorated to taste with chocolate chips, slices of fruits and syrups.

All in all, we enjoyed every minute of our trip to Hokkaido because the trip was full of fun and unforgettable moments at the same time we gained a lot of useful information about how to build a successful business through the desire and experience of Niseko’s people.