Uzbekistan is my homeland and I also graduated here, from Tashkent State University of Oriental Studies. My major is World Policy and I am from the faculty of Japanese studies. My bachelor’s thesis was devoted to the role of Japanese women in political and social processes. I found some similarities between Japanese and Uzbek women, and the fact that Japan has some case studies to learn and adopt something new in the gender equality field I decided to narrow down my research and explore a topic of interest to me, such as women’s entrepreneurship. I am going to focus on government organizations, which promote female entrepreneurship in Japan, where I will analyze their strategy, vision, and results. This will serve as a clear understanding of women’s business in a broad sense for Uzbekistan and a roadmap for Uzbek organizations, which help women launch their business. Studying at the University of Tsukuba gives me the opportunity to improve my knowledge in political science and scientific research.

Japan has always been in my life. Since school, I have been a member of UJC — The Uzbekistan-Japan Center For Human Development, where I am acquainted with Japanese culture and traditions. In my first year of university, I visited Osaka to represent Uzbek culture and traditions to Japanese people. After this trip, I realized that I want to come back and explore this country broadly to adopt their lifestyle and visit all points of interest references, and of course, I want to be fluent in the Japanese language.