I am Maftunakhon Mavlonova from Uzbekistan.
I studied at Fergana State University. As a student, I have been interested in Sustainable Development, particularly in issues of gender equality and inclusive education. In 2020, I participated at Ferris State University Global Engagement Program, where I met students from 32 countries, gained in-depth understanding of SDGs and acquired useful insights from my peers. At that time, I decided to apply to University of Tsukuba since the program provided distinctive experience of studying social development as well as conducting research. My research interests lay in the field of women empowerment, science, technology and inclusive education. Moreover, as a part of Women@Dior Mentorship program provided by UNESCO and Christian Dior Maison, my teammates and I are launching a women empowerment campaign in Japan.

Japan, as a one of the developed countries with advanced technology and unique cultural heritage, is an attractive place to study. I am interested to learn more about Japanese traditions, values and make a lot of friends. I hope this experience will bring more opportunities and meaningful experiences.