[Field trip to Okinawa in 2019]American military presence in Okinawa
[Field trip to Okinawa in 2019]SDG Process – From Tajikistan to Okinawa –
[Field trip to Okinawa in 2019]JICA’s activities in the Kyrgyz Republic
[Field trip to Okinawa in 2019]Peace through the history
Dec. 13th(Fri)-Dec. 16th(Mon) Hokkaido Field Trip (Internships in Japan) was conducted.
Nov. 7th(Thu)-Nov. 10th(Sun) Okinawa Field Trip (Central Eurasian SDGs seminar) was conducted.
The 8th Public Lecture “The Future of Central Eurasia and Japan” Held
[Kyrgyz Training 2019 Experience] Environmental Issues in Kyrgyz Republic
[Kyrgyz Training 2019 Experience] One Village, One Product Project in Kyrgyz
[Kyrgyz Training 2019 Experience] From the Car Window of Silk Road: Moving Scene
[Kyrgyz Training 2019 Experience] Kyrgyz Potential: Possibility for Development through Tourism
Newsletter vol.2(Published Jan. 2020)