A total of eight 4th-term NipCA Fellows participated in the “Hokkaido Study Tour,” a Japanese company internship program, from July 19 (Wednesday) to July 22 (Saturday), 2023.

The Fellows received training at local governments and companies that are implementing progressive initiatives, and learned about the SDGs in the uniquely developing Niseko region of Hokkaido.

To read the reports by the Fellows, please see them from the following links.

Mountain lights and Hanazono Resort : Aitimbetova Aidai
Shiribeshi Subprefecture Bureau : Altynbek kyzy Cholpon
Niseko Ostrich Farm : Altynbek kyzy Cholpon
Hokkaido Government Office : Berkinov Jakhongir
The Hokkaido University Museum  : Berkinov Jakhongir
Kutchan Museum of Natural History : Samatova Nodira  
Lecture by Mr. Okushiba on “Agricultural management”  : Samatova Nodira  
Kutchan Town Office : Temerkhanov Artur
Niseko Takahashi Daily Farm : Temerkhanov Artur
Hokkaido Niseko High School : Bekbossynova Aruzhan
JA Youtei ‘s Snow-Cooled Low-Temperature Rice Storage Facility :Davronova Farangis
Tsukagoshi Industry: Garbage disposal : Davronova Farangis



A report on the training program was published in the Hokkaido Shimbun on August 3, 2023.